Are you doing an online videocast, meeting or presentation? Consider these tips to ensure a positive and professional online performance:

What are you wearing?
All jokes aside about ‘pantless meetings’, it’s important to ensure that your online presence is fitting for the occasion. For a business presentation, that means dressing the part. Try to avoid busy colours or patterns, as well as accessories such as heavy bracelets or watches that can jangle or add to background noise.

What’s behind you?
Although some programs (such as Zoom) allow you to ‘create’ a background, these can be disconcerting (especially if you move around and various body parts disappear!). Take time before you go online to check what’s visible behind you. Keep it tidy and simple, so it doesn’t distract your audience.

Can they see you?
Lighting is key to a great video image. Experiment with different overhead and side lighting to see what works best for you. Avoid having a window in the background (unless it has a blind), as the light behind you can turn you into a silhouette.

Can they hear you?
Your computer speakers may be adequate if you are in a quiet setting. Consider wearing headphones with a microphone or using a plug-in microphone (such as a Yeti) if you are the main presenter. It’s also important to remember that only one person can be heard at a time, so try to minimize any commenting while someone else is speaking. Instead, consider using body language (nodding, smiling, etc.) to convey your thoughts.

Are you prepared?
If you have to present materials or share your screen, make sure you have your materials ready in advance. Don’t make your audience wait while you search through your files.

Are you distracted?
Close all non-essential programs to keep you focused on your online call. This also helps to keep your internet connection stable, and provides some privacy in case you need to share your screen at any time during the call.

Need some additional tips? Watch our video by our Creative Director, Reinier deSmit! He discusses a number of ways to look and sound better when you’re recording videos of yourself for social media or conducting online video meetings while at home.