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The Knowledge Transformation Plan TM 

Our Knowledge Transformation Plan is a foundational strategy for researchers and organizations who need to communicate their work. We have significant expertise in knowledge translation, including work with national healthcare research studies and non-profit organizations. The plan includes:

  • Organizational background and review of past campaigns and activities
  • Sector research and trends analysis
  • Client goals and success criteria
  • Stakeholder engagement analysis and prioritization
  • Identification of relevant measurement tools and evaluation process
  • Identification of barriers and facilitators
  • Development of key messages by target audience
  • Recommended tactics based on priorities and budget

Implementation Strategy

Our implementation strategies use evidence-based models and frameworks to support the design and delivery of interventions, new programs and products. Our strategies include:

    • Target audience identification and prioritization
    • Readiness and fit assessment
    • Identification of barriers and facilitators
    • Process model for implementation
    • Roles and responsibilities in the delivery system
    • Evaluation planning and measurement methods

We also provide implementation management, including design, delivery, monitoring and related reporting of your implementation activities.

When we first met Nanci, she took the time to get to know us, our brand, and our industry to ensure she would be creating campaigns and communications that fit our very specific needs. Nanci’s creative ideas, effective marketing messages, and clear communications have helped contribute to our success.

Stephanie Noel

Director, Queens University Industrial Relations Centre (IRC)

The Positive Growth plan

Our 3-step plan charts your course for a successful marketing and communications strategy and is perfect for smaller businesses looking to grow. The plan includes:

  • Review of your company, industry and goals
  • Identification of your target audiences, key messages and success criteria
  • Strategic plan of marketing and communications activities, including content calendar and measurement tools

Our team has worked with Nanci and over the last 4 years on communications and knowledge translation related to our Advance Care Planning (ACP) research. Nanci has a sound grasp of the ACP field and has facilitated the development of multi-pronged, effective communication strategies for our project. We appreciate her ability to pivot quickly when opportunities for communication arise for our team and support us to develop impactful knowledge translation products in a timely manner.

Dr. Sharon Kaasalainen

Co-chair, iCAN-ACP research study

The Navigator Plan

The Navigator Plan includes an assessment of your current activities and industry trends, as well as an analysis of barriers and facilitators. It provides you with a comprehensive and efficient plan to make the most of your marketing budget. The plan includes:

  • Review of your company and your current marketing and communications activities
  • Industry /sector research and trends
  • Identification of your target audiences, key messages and success criteria
  • Analysis of key dangers, opportunities and strengths
  • Tactics report, outlining recommended strategies and key messages prioritized by audience and budget
  • Content calendar with recommended timelines


Examples of our Strategic Planning Work


The iCAN-ACP study, funded by the Canadian Frailty Network, brings together a team of 32 investigators from 16 Universities, five international collaborators and 42 partner organizations to work with elderly Canadians living with frailty and their families to evaluate and tailor Advance Care Planning tools for long-term care homes, family doctors offices and hospitals across Canada. We’ve supported the project with website support, social media, news releases, content development for articles, newsletters and a regular podcast.

iCAN-ACP screen grab

Let’s Talk Period

Dr. Paula James is bringing her research to families and health professionals around the world. Her website helps women understand more about their periods, and provides a test to help them learn if they have a bleeding disorder.

We’ve supported her work with animated videos, infographics, handouts and bookmarks, visually aligned with her website branding.

Speak Up – Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association

The Speak Up campaign provides tools and resources to help people communicate their wishes for care if they were unable and needed some to speak for them. Along with annual campaign marketing strategies, we created campaign materials, content for booklets and websites, social media messaging, presentations, handouts and several live and animated videos, which have been translated into more than 12 languages, and used around the world.

Dr. Daren Heyland

Researcher and critical care doctor Dr. Daren Heyland has worked with C3inc on a number of projects, including MyICUguide, Planwell, and the OPTICS study. We’ve created live and animated videos, as well as website and publication content, design and custom graphics.

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