The Crew

Nanci Corrigan

Nanci Corrigan



Nanci Corrigan is the President of C3 Inc. and a seasoned communications strategist with over 25 years of expertise in the development and execution of communications and knowledge translation plans for a wide spectrum of clients.

After beginning her career in advertising and corporate communications, Nanci founded Channel 3 Communications in 1997, collaborating with clients in both the private and public sectors. Channel 3 currently focuses on providing services for clients in the research, health care and education sectors.

Nanci has hosted webinars and led workshops and presentations at a number of national and international conferences, including the International Congress on Palliative Care, the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care (CHPCA) Annual Conference, the CHPCA Banff Learning Institute and the Canadian College and University Food Services Association (CCUFSA) Annual Meeting.

Nanci is a graduate of Carleton University, has earned a Knowledge Translation Professional Certificate from the University of Toronto / Sick Kids Learning Institute, and is pursuing a Knowledge Mobilization certificate at the University of Guelph. She is also an aspiring cellist with a keen desire to one day play in tune.

Reach her at or 613-547-0837


Reinier deSmit

Reinier deSmit

Multimedia Specialist


Reinier deSmit has been working as a head creative in Multi Media for over three decades.

At the age of 8, two important things happened to him: he started accordion lessons, and a good family friend gave him an old 35mm film camera. The camera no longer exists and Reinier no longer uses “film”, but his passion for digital arts, video, music and photography has only increased over the years (and he still plays, to some people’s horror, the accordion).

With a wide range of experience in video creation, web design, digital photo & imaging, audio design and music creation. Reinier’s zealousness for computer-based digital creative expression has kept him on the cutting edge of this ever-changing and exciting landscape.

Sabrina DeSousa

Sabrina DeSousa

Project Manager


Sabrina is our Project manager and ‘make it so’ specialist, providing strategic support at all levels to implement creative solutions for clients. She is naturally enthusiastic, resourceful, inquisitive and always ready to take on new challenges.

Sabrina is a Queen’s University graduate with a BA Hons in Art History, and is also active in the community as an activist and contributing to the local theatre scene. She’s a talented artist, an avid movie watcher, and a bit (maybe a lot) of a Star Trek nerd.

If you don’t have a communicator unit, 
email her at

Kelsey Newman Reed

Kelsey Newman Reed

Communications Strategist


Kelsey is a Communications Strategist, with previous experience in social media management, analyzing analytics, graphic design and photography. She is adaptable, strategic, and always eager to learn, especially new tools and trends that can support client’s goals.

Kelsey has a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Art History with a Drama minor from Queen’s University, and by summer 2019 she will have a Graduate Certificate in Interactive Marketing Communications from St. Lawrence College.

She is interested in all areas of the arts, and in her down time she can be found visiting art galleries and poetry events, making art and writing poetry, editing photos and planning posts for her personal Instagram account, and surrounded by pastel pink coloured objects to solidify her (unintentional) personal brand.

Email her at

Mateo Ronderos

Mateo Ronderos

Communications Coordinator

Mateo is a Communications Coordinator and a Queen’s University student majoring in Music Performance. He provides logistical support to the team, including website maintenance, tactics implementation, analytics and monitoring services for clients.

Mateo is also a supporting Cellist for the Kingston Symphony Association and when not at work, is practicing, conducting, reading, cooking or wandering about in the wilderness.

Email him at